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Mechanical Four Blade Racing Fans Mechanical Four Blade Racing Fans

4 blade fans produce greater air flow than 6 blades fans
Solid steel or Aluminum construction
Dual bolt pattern
Available in 15", 17", 18" or 19" diameter
Color: Black

Our Price: $34.99
Joes Thermo Spacer Joes Thermo Spacer

Plumb additional lines to your heads for better cooling; install a water temp sending unit and your water temp gauge all in the same spacer. The base has an O-Ring for sealing to your intake manifold. Made from 6061-T6 aluminum. Three 1/2" NPT ports and one 5/8-18 port for mechanical temp gauge probes. Order P/N 42730 JOES Water Temp Plug to use with electric temp gauge probes.

Our Price: $52.95
Wehrs Q-Jet Adapter Wehrs Q-Jet Adapter

This will adapt to a 4412 Holley 2BRL to GM Q-Jet intake over the two rear holes. Tapered from carb diameter to intake diameter for superior HP. Adapters are 1'' tall.

Our Price: $75.00
Joes Expansion Tank Joes Expansion Tank

Installing a JOES Expansion Tank will help keep your engine cool!. A 1/4" NPT fitting is welded in at the top for an air bleed line, a 1/2" pipe fitting for a line to your water pump is near the bottom and an 1/8" fitting for water overflow is provided in the 6061-T6 billet aluminum filler cap housing.

Our Price: $86.95
Wehrs One Piece Carb Restrictor Spacer Wehrs One Piece Carb Restrictor Spacer

1¼' I.D. X 1.0' Tall Restrictor Carb Spacer

Our Price: $110.00
Wehrs Carb Slider Wehrs Carb Slider

Carb adapter fits a 2BRL 500cfm Holley into a 4BRL Holley pattern intake. Adapter is flared and 1" tall, they are slotted to allow for the perfect placement of your carb.

Our Price: $125.00
Wehrs GM 604 Crate Spacer Wehrs GM 604 Crate Spacer

Want to get more bottom end out of your crate motor? Here is the answer to that problem. Our 604 Crate spacer is 1/4" tall and is flared into the intake, which gives you more bottom end power off the corners.

Our Price: $150.00